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David A McClain

Sunday April 19th, 2009

Why UHY doesn't support IE6

To anyone who has anything to do with designing or developing website it's no secret that Internet Explorer 6 is a huge pain in the ass. "Internet Explorer 6 is antiquated, doesn’t support key web standards, and should be phased out. This isn’t about being anti-Microsoft, it’s about Microsoft’s lack of development in the browser market." It's a minor annoyance to us designers that browser makers choose the interpret the HTML and CSS specifications differently but IE6 seems to never have heard that there were specs to follow! This means broken layouts in IE6 while every other browser out there renders pretty much what you had planned on.

There usually comes a time in the development cycle were everything is ready to do, you have one last item on the to-do list: take a look at it in IE6 (usually while grimacing in anticipation). You usually have two solutions to this, one is do put in some disproportionate about of labour into making a second version of your site solely for IE6, or live with a broken (to IE6 anyway) site.

But there is a third option. A third option that seems to be gaining a lot of traction. Forget about IE6. Starting today, this is the option Uh Huh Yeah will be taking. And here's why.

Uh Huh Yeah makes programs that run inside of a web browser. There are many benefits to this, but also some drawbacks. One such drawback is that sometimes our apps will look different to different users. Most of the time these differences are superficial and only noticeable to me, or if you had two browsers open side-by-side and looked closely. That's fine by me. I work hard to ensure that these differences are small and not detrimental. But then there's IE6. IE6 has this great knack for getting things completely wrong. If you're designing for IE6 you're designing in a straight-jacket. With crayons.

Designing for IE6 is holding us back. Both as an industry of designers and as a consumers. And the odd thing is, we only design for IE6, because people use IE6. People only use IE6 because we either don't give them a reason not to, or our users are stuck with choices made by their IT department. We don't (and probably never will) make products that will be used in an corporate/enterprise environment big enough to warrant and IT department evil enough to force all their users to make-do with IE6. We also shouldn't give our users any reason to stick with technology that didn't work right eight years ago when it was released. Our concern should be to make the best products we can and give our users the best experience we can. Not with supporting a broken browser that Microsoft has superseded. Twice!

Henceforth Uh Huh Yeah will never look at our products in IE6. If you want to continue to use IE6 and our products work fine, then great. If they don't work then I hope that just serves as one more reason why you should ditch IE6. In fact, if you visit uhhuhyeah dot com in IE6 we just flat out won't give you any styling. Yes this is a little extreme, but it's to make a statement. We don't envision doing this for all our products, but like I already mentioned, we won't be making any effort to make our sites work in IE6.

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